New Chemo

Infusion room with a view

George started his next round of chemotherapy on Monday, April 17. Because the doctors suspected that the lung issues that landed him in the hospital were caused by the chemo med Vidaza that George had been given before, he was given a new drug this time. The new drug is called Dacogen (decitabine). It’s a cousin of Vidaza (azacitidine) and it is supposed to be as effective as Vidaza. We are hoping there are no unexpected side effects this time! It’s weird, because he has taken Vidaza before without incident.

Also, he does not have to take the venetoclax pills this round because it is used to treat AML and George doesn’t have signs of that disease in his marrow. As I wrote previously, his bone marrow now shows MDS, so that’s what he’s being treated for. He is also being treated to just keep his AML in remission until he can get his second bone marrow transplant in July.

The process for BMT #2 has begun. Dr. Loren said George has “thousands of donor matches” so apparently, finding a new donor won’t be an issue! (I’m pretty sure that “thousands” is hyperbole!)

In addition to BMT #2, I am planning Trip to Greece #2. My stepson, Michael will graduate from college on May 22nd and come home to live with us for a bit. I am planning to leave for Greece on May 31 and Michael will be here with George while I’m gone, which is a great comfort. Of course, if he lands in the hospital again before my trip, I will have to cancel again. Fingers crossed!!

George finishes up this round of chemo tomorrow, Friday and will have a break until May 15, when he starts another week-long round. He is working in his home office and although he is fatigued and has a lingering annoying cough, he is much better.

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