Day +1

The day after transplant…Day +1 and George is doing well. He does have fatigue and started having some bowel issues today (diarrhea), which the nurse said is perfectly normal and to be expected after the chemo and radiation. His spirits remain good, but he suffers from….boredom. I told him to catch up on Peaky Blinders or watch some PBS documentaries on Amazon Prime on his tablet. I told him that the other two times he was hospitalized, but for some reason, he doesn’t do it. I will take him his work computer tomorrow so he can work when he feels up to it. He has plenty of sick leave and some use or lose time off, but working keeps him occupied and helps the day pass.

My daughter and I went to lunch on Thursday and tried a Greek restaurant. It was delicious! But beyond that, a couple of doors down, was a little Greek market operating under the same name as the restaurant. Zoe and I loaded up on Greek goodies, including the classic carbonated orangeade that we all love, “portokalada.” I bought a bag of oregano potato chips and Greek coffee creamer, NouNou. Yesterday, when I visited George, I surprised him with some of the goodies! He has a little refrigerator in his room, so he can keep the orangeade cold.

Greek goodies brighten the day!

We had a good visit. George struggled to keep his eyes open while talking. But, he seemed to perk up after he drank the orangeade.

2 responses to “Day +1”

  1. trinchen87e4efd3e4b1 Avatar

    So happy hes doing well. Those little surprises can definitely perk up a person

    On Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 03:58 Diagnosis: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). A


    1. Ok, this is awful but…who is behind this account? I’m so appreciate of your constant encouragement and support!


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