Love and Support

While George was confined to his hospital room, I was driving the 50 minutes to and from Cooper Hospital to visit him every day. Well, except for that one snow day. It was tiring and stressful driving to and from Camden while dealing with the “what ifs” running through my head, the stress and fear George’s diagnosis brought me and the difficulty in caring for my dog, house during the hours I was at home, and getting to the grocery store. Luckily, I have two amazing daughters and a wonderful stepson that are here for me for whatever I need. Zoe came down from Maplewood to spend the weekend with me a couple of times, bringing her little bouncing ball of sunshine, Mowgli. We watched movies and I drank wine. Leanna flew in from Utah to spend a week with me, helping me around the house and taking little road trips to facilitate some much needed self care. And I can’t forget the comfort that comes from doggie love. Chloe and Mowgli. My stepson, Michael was away at Seton Hall university, but checked in regularly with me and with his dad. We are truly blessed to have this wonderful family.

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